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Happy New Year everyone. The year of AB20 has arrived - all very exciting.

Here's the new trip logo

We are getting a flag made to fly from our rigging so no one can miss us! We are also looking at making available a logo'd fleece for anyone who may want one. If we get this done we'll let you know.

With all crew positions now taken, the focus has turned to keeping you in the picture in the run up to ..GO..on 8th May .....and beyond -

We are also carrying out final boat preparations, annual servicing checks, spares and updates as required.

Consequently Kasara is out of the water until March 3rd. We were a little bit nervous to see the normal hoist replaced by this gigantic crane and Kasara literally flying out of the water!

Once she is back in the water Jan and I thought we would have an open day for all of you who would like to see her before you join in whatever far flung corner of the British Isles you have decided to sign up for.

If you are reading this but not actually physically joining the adventure, but just following us from the sidelines - come and take a look as well, you are most welcome.

Put Sunday 29th March in your diaries... Don't worry if you can't make it because all will become familiar soon enough, but if you can we would be delighted to see you and show you over Kasara. It is a Sunday and so we will be partaking in the Carvery at the Ketch Rigger at Hamble Point (Kasara's home) and hope you can join us. Let us know if you plan to pop along. You may meet some fellow adventurers.

For those who are joining Kasara on AB20 - as an opening gambit I have added Crew briefing notes, Kit list and Victualling sheet to the AB20 tab on the website ... here...

This will hopefully get you started on "the program" for any particular leg, when to join, what to expect, what you should aim to bring with you and how we plan to divi up for victuals etc.

With regard to victuals we are running a competition for "best one pot, cook onboard meal of the trip" so may the best chef win! If we get loads of successes - we may even publish them for other adventurers.

Another aspect we have been considering covers the "toys" we plan to have aboard. As well as a couple of folding bikes for we now have a 2 person inflatable canoe as well as the dinghy with outboard, so all we are short of is "A Stand UP Paddle Board (SUP)" We would be delighted to hear from anyone willing to lend us one for the trip.

If anyone has any good books on sea birds, marine wildlife and anything coastal or starry we are likely to come across - and is happy to lend them to the ships library - bring them along.

We'll drop an email to all sailing participants (30 in total) with specifics about your individual legs in due course. If you have studied the area in which you will be cruising and would like to have input in to the passage planning then fear not ... we can do this onboard when you arrive or send us ideas of your preferred destinations beforehand and we can try to include them or even pop down to the boat and go through all the charts and pilot books with us.

All the best for 2020 and see you soon

Pete & Jan xx

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