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(All this needs to fit in to a medium sized (70-100L) soft foldable/squashable/stowable bag – no wheels/frame please)


Waterproofs – trousers and jacket -(Good enough to keep you dry and warm)

Please avoid down or feather jackets or gilets due to allergies

1x pair waterproof boat shoes/boots

1 x pair deck shoes 

Gloves/sailing gloves

Warm hat & sun hat

Sunglasses/retaining strap


Personal wash bag and toiletries

Sailing clothing (thin layers/fleeces etc)

Casual shore wear – nothing fancy necessary

1 pair sensible walking shoes/trainers

Swim stuff (you never know)

1 x towels (light & easy drying travel type –Cotton Hammam towels are great)

Sleeping Bag (warm enough) Please avoid down or feather due to allergies

2 x pillow cases (Pillows on board)

1 x Head Torch (really useful) - standard torches on board



Driving licence

Cash (££)


Food & Drink 

Any special personal favorites – see Victuals list


Phone chargers (USB on board)


Hair dryer already on board


Music – Bluetooth connection from mobile phone to ships speakers


Books:                         Bring, leave, borrow, take away


Boat Toys:                  2 person Inflatable kayak

                                    3 person dinghy with Outboard


Learning:                    RYA Library

                                    Marine Birds

                                    Sea Life



***** No need to bring life jacket or harness strap

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