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London added to AB20

Fabulous Season draws to a close - Here comes AB20

Kasara has had a busy year in 2019. She became fully coded in January, joined the Hamble Point Yacht Charter Fleet in March which has paid for further upgrades including new sails - and is now almost ready for the big adventure “Around Britain 2020.”

Pete has also had a busy year launching himself in to Skippering and Instructing via Hamble Point Sailing School. With one course left to run in November “The Pirate” can then focus on AB20. Check out his reviews at

AB20 is shaping up nicely and is Fully Booked now (apart from 2 spaces from Wick to Edinburgh - now dubbed the wobbly leg) - sign up to climb aboard this amazing adventure!

We are even heading to London. 5 days in St Katherines Dock. Visit Kasara “in the City”. There are bound to be one or two party nights.

A WhatsApp group is being prepared for all crew as well as a "Sailkasara"Facebook page for all followers of the AB20 adventure. These will be published around Christmas.

Thanks so much to everyone for their support and help in making this become a reality.

See you all soon

Isles of Scilly - Week 4/5 AB20

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