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Great Progress

Passage Planning begins...

We thought we would give you an update on progress.

Since our website Launch in May, Kasara, our Hallberg Rassy 36, is being regularly chartered for Comps Crew and Day Skipper work as well as Bareboat & Skippered Charter via Hamble Point Yacht Charters and Sailing School.

She is proving her worth as a comfortable, safe vessel for cruising instruction, coastal hopping and passage making.

One recent "event" found the "Pirate" embroiled in the middle of a movie, when chartered by a crew of Sicilian/Austrian actors to enact the final scenes of a murder/mystery/romantic tale on the high seas. If this movie ever sees the light of day we will be amazed! But the whole experience was a hoot.

Around Britain 2020 (AB20) is already just over 50% booked out, with the Western Isles of Scotland proving very popular. We have loads of available space on other fabulous stages of the journey and would recommend signing up quickly to ensure your place on this great adventure.

Legs 1 to 3 are ideal for navigation, piloting, passage planning and general sailing and crewing experience as we head to Cornwall and the South West

Legs 4 to 6 will include some 60 mile plus passages for mile building as we travel north to Wales, Ireland and Scotland

Legs 7 to 11 are all booked up

Leg 12 from Wick to Edinburgh is ideal for passage making experience, really living aboard a boat as we head South for the first time

Legs 13 & 14 are stationery in Edinburgh as we catch our breath during the Festival and so are booked up!

Legs 15 & 16 see Kasara ploughing a furrow down the North Sea with some interesting navigation and pilotage as well as "longer" mile building passages

Leg 17 from Ramsgate is the "Glory Leg"with some wonderful "stop offs"as we head for home.

Lots of opportunities for experience at sea and fun ashore on all legs -so DO NOT DELAY! Check out the Date Planner by clicking below and book now to

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